Who we are and what we do!

The mission/vision of ADACT is to help reduce the consumption of prescription drugs and alcohol abuse in Arenac Count

Our grant deals with four core measures: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and prescription drugs.

The ADACT Coalition activities include:

  • Developing awareness & education campaigns.
  • Increasing communication and collaboration among community support systems.
  • Reducing youth access to alcohol and impact adults providing access to alcohol.
  • Providing positive alternatives that involve youth in the planning process.
  • Developing positive support systems and identifying role models promoting positive choices.
  • Consistently and continuously promoting enforcement of underage drinking laws.
  • Consistently and continuously promote enforcement of underage drinking law.

ADACT Members: The coalition consist of 12 sectors and community members

Find out about what you can do to help reduce the consumption of alcohol and related problems experienced by youth throughout Arenac County.

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