What you can do!

Be an advocate for community change; we can’t keep denying there is a problem.


  • Talk to your children. Give accurate information. Start early and keep talking.
  • Listen to your children. You will learn what they are dealing with and what they need to know.
  • Provide good role modeling. Parent behavior is the biggest influence on a child’s use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
  • Know what your children are doing— The people they associate with, what they do after school, what’s in their bedroom.
  • Hug your children and tell them that you love them!
  • Join the ADACT Coalition

Peer Assistant Leaders (PALS)  

  • Partner with adults and peers to create alcohol-free events, parties, etc.
  • Join your local youth group.

Are Your Friends in Trouble?

  • Stop Underage DrinkingDo they drink alone?
  • Do they drink regularly on weekends or after school?
  • Is it hard for them to have a good time without drinking?
  • Have they ever blacked out or forgot what happened?
  • Do they have to drink more to feel drunk?
  • Have they ever lied about their drinking?
  • Have they said they feel guilty about their drinking?

Talk, listen and encourage them to talk to a trusted friend.

Contributing to Minors – did you know…

Adults who furnish alcohol to a minor, or allow it to be furnished to a minor (such as at a party), may be liable for monetary damages in a civil lawsuit.

Adults can be sued by a person who suffers personal injury or property damage because of the actions of an intoxicated individual whose intoxication is the result of consuming alcohol provided at their home.

The host of the party would be breaking the law by serving alcohol to underage drinkers, if a lawsuit occurs the family may not be covered by homeowner’s liability insurance. Parents may be held liable for the malicious or destructive actions of their intoxicated children no matter where they occur.

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